Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge gameplay trailer and release window revealed

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge has a new gameplay teaser trailer and a release window set for this holiday season.

The upcoming Oculus VR game showed off its first look at gameplay during the Facebook Connect event today. Previously we got teasers about how the new game from ILMxLAB would tie into Black Spire Outpost, a location which you can visit IRL at the Galaxy's Edge portion of Disney parks. This new trailer shows how you'll end up blasting your way through its surroundings in the midst of a new story, with a certain gold-colored protocol droid as your unlikely tour guide.

C-3PO is clearly the star of Tales from the Galaxy's Edge and we're all just players in his world. Granted, his tender protocol droid hands are only good for waving around in panic and bonking R2-D2 on the bowl-shaped head, so you'll need to handle the manual labor of dual-wielding blasters, lobbing thermal detonators, managing your inventory, and scanning your surroundings. It looks like Tales from the Galaxy's Edge is a fully featured shooter, which should make it a nice compliment to the lightsaber action of Vader Immortal.

Tales from the Galaxy's Edge will launch exclusively for the Oculus Quest platform, including the newly revealed Oculus Quest 2 headset, in time for the holidays. Oculus also teased during the event that the game will 'evolve and expand' even after it launches, so keep an eye out to see where future updates or DLC take your Star Wars VR adventures next.

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