Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reportedly "still on track" for March 2023 despite EA's radio silence

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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An insider report suggests that EA's internal target of a March 2023 launch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is still on track, and that we'll be seeing more of the game this December.

The info comes from Jeff Grubb, speaking on a recent episode of Giant Bomb's Game Mess Mornings podcast (starting at the 27:02 mark). During a conversation about the length of video game marketing cycles, Grubb noted that many video game publishers feel that they can benefit from running shorter marketing campaigns.

"At a certain point, these companies have discovered - and we've gone over this a couple of times before - that shorter campaigns are beneficial," Grubb said. "I was looking into 'hey, why haven't we heard about Star Wars Jedi Survivor anytime recently?' Well, it's still on track for that March release date as we've been saying this whole time. As EA has been saying in its earnings reports to investors this entire time, the big 'partner game' is coming - that's always been Star Wars Jedi Survivor."

Indeed, EA has had a 'partner title' and a 'major IP' game listed to release in the window between January 1 and March 31 2023 since May of this year - shortly before the reveal of Jedi: Survivor. Both games are still listed for that window without their titles in the latest financial report. Notably, the same was true of Dead Space - it was listed simply as a 'remake' in EA's financial reports, even after the game had been publicly revealed.

But if Jedi: Survivor is coming in March, where's the marketing? "Well, they have a plan," Grubb said. "They're going to start talking about it in December, and go right into a release, right then. There's no issue with the game right now - though who knows, something could change there - but right now, no issue. That was just always the plan, to have a pretty short window for when they were going to promote it, and they don't think that's going to have any negative effect."

We've seen EA take exactly this sort of short marketing approach with Need for Speed: Unbound. An NFS title had been listed in EA financial reports for months before the official reveal, which landed in October, just two months ahead of its planned December 2 release date.

If we're going to see more of the game in December, of course, that'll put all eyes on The Game Awards on Thursday, December 8. EA has provided looks at games like Dragon Age 4 - uh, sorry, I mean Dreadwolf - at past Game Awards broadcasts, after all.

On top of all that, a pair of Jedi: Survivor tie-in books are scheduled to release in spring 2023. EA, of course, encourages you to "not assume anything" regarding Jedi: Survivor's release pending the official announcement.

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