It's official - Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is coming

Dragon Age Inquisition
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EA and BioWare have revealed the title of the fourth major entry in their fantasy RPG series, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

The title was revealed in a tweet, and in a blog post promises more information coming later this year. The name Dreadwolf makes sense with the appearance of Solas in an earlier trailer, who - spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition - is revealed to have taken up the mantle of Fen'Harel, or Dread Wolf, the elven god of betrayal.

We've been referring to the new entry in the series as Dragon Age 4 in the absence of a more concrete title, but EA and BioWare have only referred to it as the "next Dragon Age" up until this point. Official looks at the game have been few and far between. The game was announced with a vague teaser trailer at The Game Awards 2018. Another brief trailer at The Game Awards 2020 showed an array of locations and characters, including the return of Solas, but the devs have been reticent to share any concrete details since.

BioWare has started to share some more regular development updates over the past few months. In December 2021, the studio confirmed that the new Dragon Age would be a fully single-player game. Earlier this year, they revealed that it was in the "middle of production," and that the characters will "have more personality than they have ever had in the past."

According to a Bloomberg report last year, the new Dragon Age originally had a heavy multiplayer component that was scrapped following the poor response to Anthem. Reporter and leaker Jeff Grubb reported earlier this year that the game was likely to be released in the second half of 2023.

The E3 2022 schedule rolls on, although only time will tell if EA has more to reveal during E3 2022.

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