Dragon Age 4 trailer shows the return of Solas

We've gotten our best look at Dragon Age 4 yet in the first proper trailer for the game, thanks to its big debut at The Game Awards.

The trailer revealed that it's time for a new hero to take center stage in this story, though they may have some familiar allies to help them out along the way. As GamesRadar previously reported, we knew at the end of last week that BioWare would be giving us an "early look" at Dragon Age 4 - but it certainly felt like the wait took ages, didn't it?

The CGI trailer moves through some new and familiar scenes from the series, and it ends on a face that Dragon Age fans love to hate: Solas is back, and it looks like you'll be going up against him head-on in the course of the story.

"Rich, branching narratives, choices with consequences, and intriguing characters are central to the entire Dragon Age franchise, and we’re putting a lot of work into these," promised Bioware in a blog post soon after the trailer was shown.

"You’ll form relationships with companions who will fight by your side when you experience this true Dragon Age saga set in Thedas, a world in need of a new kind of hero."

This is by far the most info we've gotten about the next game in the Dragon Age franchise since the first official teaser debuted during The Game Awards 2018. That teaser featured Solas as well, who ominously greeted us after some tantalizing images appeared on-screen. Since then, we've only gotten a few pieces of concept art and a pseudo-update on the game during EA Play Live (it wasn't even mentioned by name).

And as we previously reported when Dragon Age 4 surprised us all with an appearance during Gamescom Opening Night, the brief tidbits of information and concept art left us with more questions than answers about the upcoming title - though we are still waiting on the actual name.

The executive producer of Dragon Age 4 recently left BioWare, but he says the game is in good hands.

Connor Sheridan

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