BioWare confirms Dragon Age 4 "early look" coming to The Game Awards

Dragon Age 4
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Update: We already knew that Dragon Age 4 would be featured at The Game Awards, but now BioWare has confirmed more specifically that it'll be showing off an "early look" at the new title.

Last week, the studio teased that Dragon Age 4 would be getting its "next reveal" at The Game Awards 2020. So far, we've only seen a few cryptic images and some art and story teases, so hopefully this means the first full-fat Dragon Age 4 trailer is on the way. Fortunately, we only have a few days to wait, as The Game Awards 2020 and the next Dragon Age 4 showing are set for this Thursday, December 10.

Check out the latest Dragon Age 4 tease, which includes some creepy art, from BioWare:

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EA and BioWare have announced that Dragon Age 4 is getting another "reveal" at The Game Awards this year.

Dragon Age 4 was first revealed at the EA Play livestream in June, but I'm using the word "reveal" a tad bit loosely here. It was really just a series of evocative images that never even bore the Dragon Age name, though it was commonly accepted as the first Dragon Age 4 sighting.

Hopefully, we'll get the first proper Dragon Age 4 trailer at The Game Awards. With yesterday's big news that Dragon Age 4 executive producer Mark Darrah has left BioWare along with the studio's general manager, fans are surely anxious to see how the game is coming along.

Whatever's on show, we know it has something to do with the new set of Dragon Age short stories BioWare showed off today, which could give a very early indication of the new entry's narrative tone. "These stories, written by the narrative team, help paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age, including some insight into the next reveal at The Game Awards."

The big show goes down Thursday, December 10 at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / 3am GMT. You can check out the complete list of nominees here, and in case you missed it, here's every winner from The Golden Joystick Awards 2020.

If you just can't wait (and we can't blame you), check out the behind-the-scenes Dragon Age 4 teaser from Gamescom, which includes a bunch of concept art and some enticing development insights. 

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