Dragon Age 4 gets a new trailer packed with art and story teasers

Dragon Age 4 made a surprise appearance during Gamescom Opening Night Live, giving us another little teaser of BioWare's highly anticipated return to Thedas. 

Studio general manager Casey Hudson opened the segment, confirming that the game is still in "early production," and was quickly followed by tantalizing teasers from multiple staffers set to new snippets of concept art. 

"In the next Dragon Age you get an opportunity to see new things, new places, and interact with people who lived and grew up in these spaces as well," says executive producer Mark Darrah. 

"For the game we're working on now, we want to tell a story of what happens when you don't have power," adds lead writer Patrick Weekes. "What happens when the people in charge aren't willing to address the issues?" 

Narrative director John Epler also teased that "the things you can expect in the next installment are going to be stories that focus on the people around you and the friends and family you've made." 

This is the latest slice of Dragon Age goodness since the EA Play Live event back in June, which revealed four shots of concept art and confirmed it will be taking us on an adventure that's expected to land on the Xbox Series X and PS5. The artwork gave us our first proper look at something from the upcoming sequel since its initial teaser trailer announcement during the Game Awards 2018. Since then, plenty of bite-sized teases and small developments have come to light about the next adventure, but it'll likely still be quite some time before we see any gameplay in action. 

With a dark atmosphere and the red lyrium laced surroundings, the concept art left us with more questions than answers, but it certainly offered quite the tantalizing little window into the direction the next game could go in. Today's batch of art filled in some details, but plenty of mystery remains. 

Darrah recently took to Twitter to confirm that progress is still being made on the development of Dragon Age 4, even with BioWare working from home as a result of COVID-19. 

Austin Wood

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