Star Wars Battlefront lays out free stuff up through March when the season pass begins

EA and DICE finally laid out their almost-complete plans for Star Wars Battlefront's post-launch content, and there's even good news for folks without the season pass: a handful of new maps and new features are on the table for all players.

But first, about that pass: each of its four packs will be themed around a location from the Star Wars galaxy. First up is the Outer Rim in March, which includes "the factories of Sullust" and a fight inside Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, just like good old Battlefront 2. Then it's off to Bespin in the summer for urban battles across Cloud City. The Death Star pack will be completed (even if it looks like it's still under construction) in autumn. There's also a fourth pack planned for early 2017, though EA and DICE don't have a title or any other details to share about it yet.

Now back to the free stuff: starting tomorrow, Star Wars Battlefront will get a rotating selection of Daily Challenges and Community Events, offering players bonus credits in exchange for completing set goals. It will also finally add support for private matches. Both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo will get new Hoth-appropriate outfits, so you can re-enact the infamous tauntaun scene (minus the tauntaun) right in the middle of a Walker Assault match. Last but not least is a semi-new map: the Tatooine Survival Map, now named Raider Camp, will be made playable in the Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt, and Heroes vs Villains modes. Check the official forums for more granular changes coming in tomorrow's update.

The free stuff will continue in February with a new Survival mission on Hoth and an all-new Hoth map for Walker Assault, Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, and Turning Point. Turning Point mode, which was first introduced in the Battle of Jakku DLC, will also be enabled on all maps that support Walker Assault and Supremacy. Then DICE plans to add a new Endor map with support for Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning point in March, as well as another Tatooine Survival map. Notably, this free content outline ends right as the Season Pass begins - hopefully DICE has more planned and just isn't talking about it for the moment.

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