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Star Wars Battlefront has 'skill-based matchmaking' instead of server browsers

Star Wars Battlefront (opens in new tab) won't offer a server browser on console or PC, but it will have "a new skill-based matchmaking system" in place for its competitive multiplayer modes. Battlefront community manager Mat Everett, posting as Sledgehammer70, confirmed the small but significant detail on Reddit's Battlefront community (opens in new tab).

Many online shooters have eschewed server browsers - which offer players more information and control over which specific games they want to join - in favor of automated matchmaking and lobbies in recent years. Battlefront developer DICE's own Battlefield series has remained one notable exception to that trend. On the other hand, DICE has been pretty clear that Battlefront "doesn't share a single system" with Battlefield (opens in new tab).

Everett later added that the game will support "platform party systems (opens in new tab)" for teaming up with friends, which presumably includes Origin's party setup for PC players. You can get the squad together early when the Battlefront beta begins in early October (opens in new tab).

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