Star Wars Battlefront's infinite health glitch is messing the game up for everybody

Well, obviously players aren't happy. No one likes an immortal Stormtrooper. This Star Wars Battlefront glitch seems to be activated by crashing an airborne vehicle into the ground, which can then spawn you in an unkillable state. It looks like a bit like this:

Reddit's currently awash with mentions of the glitch, which seems to be most prevalent on Xbox One, although there is mention of it on PC as well. It seems to be an issue with lag (another problem the game seems to be suffering from at the moment) where crashing a ship can (but not always) catapult the player across the map and somehow makes you immortal in the process. A lot of people seem to be activating it by accident too, but plenty are taking advantage of it and messing up the fun for everyone else - there are no shortage of pictures like this doing the rounds:

Yeah, 168 kills you say?

EA and DICE haven't said anything outright yet but instead are directing people to a page to report cheaters.

I'm not sure how much help that'll be when it's a glitch in the game enabling it and some people aren't even doing it on purpose, so we'll see how long it takes to fix.

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