Best Star Wars action figures - the top picks from a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars action figures
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Considering how the original trilogy kick-started movie merchandise as we know it today, it isn't surprising to see so many different Star Wars action figures now weighing down shelves. However, the tricky bit is working out which ones are worth your hard-earned credits (especially because more are guaranteed to join the party this May 4, AKA Star Wars Day).

Regardless of whether you want a collectible for your shelf, something for the toybox, or good old-fashioned Star Wars gifts, it can be an overwhelming thing to navigate. That's why we're swooping in like the bantha-riding cavalry to let you know what's available, and which Star Wars action figures you should actually buy. Our price-matching software is also scouting out the best deals every day, so you might be able to get a discount as well.

Curious about how we decide on which Star Wars action figures to recommend? Besides going hands-on with a variety of toys from each line (don't miss our Star Wars figures explained guide for a more comprehensive overview of what sets them apart), our team combs through retail user-reviews to select the very best offerings. As with everything on GamesRadar, we'll only ever suggest products that have a proven track record.

Star Wars action figures - best for collectors

If you're trying to find Star Wars action figures that'll look awesome on your shelf, it doesn't get better than the Black Series. These are incredibly detailed with multiple accessories and articulation, but they aren't going to break the bank either. 

Star Wars action figures - best for kids

For younglings that love a galaxy far, far away, it's hard to beat the Galaxy of Adventure figures. Besides being very affordable, they have a fun, charming design that makes them incredibly kid-friendly without skimping on quality.

Star Wars action figures - best retro

Looking for something nostalgic? It doesn't get much better than The Vintage Collection. Modelled after the Star Wars action figures of the 1970s and '80s, they're made in the same style but with today's design advancements.

Star Wars action figures - FAQ

Are Star Wars action figures valuable?

The value of your Star Wars action figure will vary greatly depending on how old and/or rare it is. Generally speaking, older toys or ones that have been discontinued see the highest prices. As an example, a rocket-firing Boba Fett from the 1970s is worth tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

Don't get ahead of yourself though. Because the chances of most people owning one of those '70s Star Wars action figures (in good condition, no less) is slim, it's probably wise to lower your expectations a bit. 

Unless they're particularly rare or popular, it takes a while for decommissioned figures to increase in value

To be precise, you can get $40+ on recent but popular toys that have gone out of production. We've actually seen the likes of a now-defunct Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker hit $100 on eBay.

What is the most valuable Star Wars action figure?

If you have a 1970s Boba Fett Star Wars action figure with a fireable rocket, you're sitting on a hoard of credits - one of these beauties earned a record-breaking price of over $185,000 a few years ago. As an incredibly rare toy, it's highly sought after by collectors. Other figures can hit tens of thousands of dollars at auction, but none compare to that old-school bounty hunter. 

Is it worth collecting Star Wars action figures?

Whether you should collect Star Wars action figures or not comes down to your reason for doing so. If you're hoping to build a miniature army of toys that can be sold at a profit down the line, you may be waiting a long time. Unless they're particularly rare, popular, or hard to find, it takes a while for decommissioned figures to increase in value.

If you just want cool collectibles to sit on your shelf, on the other hand, it's absolutely worthwhile. The Hasbro range of Star Wars action figures (including The Black Series and The Vintage Collection) are genuinely excellent in terms of quality and price, allowing you to build a vast array of them without breaking the bank.

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