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Every Star Wars: The Last Jedi set photo we could find

Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac on the Star Wars 8 set

Image: Twitter, Carrie Fisher

D'awwww. This pic came courtesy of Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. And yep, that's her French Bulldog, Gary. Will he make a cameo in Episode 8? Better stay until the credits to be sure.

Jedi by the sea

Image: Daisy Ridley Instagram

Rey actress, Daisy Ridley's giving very little away here but her Instagram shot of The Last Jedi shooting is still very much appreciated. This looks like a behind-the-scenes shot of Anch-To where Rey found Luke in The Force Awakens. 

BB-8 on set (on a truck)

Image: Rian Johnson Instagram

Episode 8 director Rian Johnson is officially a tease but we love BB-8 in all forms. Even in this adorable drawing in the dust of a truck on set. It's officially 1000% better than 'wash me.'

Luke Skywalker's Jedi robes

Image: Rian Johnson via Tumblr

This image from the set of The Last Jedi comes courtesy of director, Rian Johnson and his Tumblr page. To commemorate the fact that filming was almost complete on the sequel, he shared this picture of some Jedi robes. Now, he doesn't actually say they're Luke Skywalker's but they do look an awful lot like the robes Mark Hamill was wearing at the end of The Force Awakens, no?

Rian Johnson filming

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Here's the man himself! Released by Disney and Lucasfilm, this on-set shot of Rian Johnson (plus camera and cameraman) shows the director hard at work filming Star Wars 8. On set. In Ireland. So, it definitely counts. Yes, it does!

Star Wars droid or set equipment?

Image: Rian Johnson via Twitter

Anyone who follows Rian Johnson on Twitter knows that he likes to play a game called, 'Is it a Star Wars droid or set equipment?' Either way, it's from the set of Star Wars 8 so feast your eyes. 

Control panel (plus crossword)

Image: Rian Johnson via Twitter

What's this now? A Star Wars newspaper? No. But if you look under the newspaper you'll see a Star Wars control panel full of blinking lights. We know how to treat you around here, don't we?

Maz Kanata is back

Image: Rian Johnson via Tumblr

Maz Kanata is back in action, as Rian Johnson shares a snap of Lupita Nyong'o's mysterious character from the set of Episode 8. We presume that's the actress in the background hard at work, but it's kind of hard to tell. 

Erm... part of a spaceship?

Image: Rian Johnson via Tumblr

Continuing the black and white trend, the director also shared this snap of Cinematographer Steve Yedlin standing in what looks like part of a ship's cockpit, saying: "Hard to believe we’re wrapping up week four already, it’s just flying by."