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Every Star Wars: The Last Jedi set photo we could find

Green screen!

Image: Rian Johnson via Twitter

Wow. Just look at that. Real life green screen from the set of Star Wars 8. It doesn't get better than this! That's sarcasm by the way. Johnson shared this picture to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Mysterious fighter pilot

Image: Rian Johnson via Tumblr

This is more like it. To mark the halfway point in filming, Rian shared two photos from the Star Wars set. This one showed a fighter pilot peeking out from inside an X-Wing causing everyone to start speculating over who it might be. Could this be Noah Segan who's starred in Johnson's movies Brick and Looper, and is keeping quiet about his role in Episode 8? Or could it just be an extra?

Star Wars droid or set equipment?

Image: Rian Johnson via Twitter

That's right, you've guessed it. It's another game of 'is it a Star Wars droid or a piece of set equipment'. I'm going with set equipment for this one. 

A very clean control panel

Image: Rian Johnson via Tumblr

The other picture the director shared to mark the halfway point in filming, shows a First Order soldier standing in front of a First Order control panel... that's being cleaned. Fascinating stuff, I know. 

Luke Skywalker's Jedi temple

Image: The Independent

Thanks to The Irish Independent (and a helicopter pilot presumably) we also have some pretty detailed shots of Luke Skywalker's Jedi temple. You know, the one he's been hiding in, teaching no one, for the past however many years before Rey rocks up.

The following shots are just a few from The Independent's exclusive selection - see the rest here - and show the temple being built on top of Ceann Sibéal on the Dingle Peninsula.  Although it's not the same location that was used for the final scenes of The Force Awakens, it is supposed to be the planet Ahch-To where Luke has been living. If you can squint and lip-read, though, you can make out something important.