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Every Star Wars: The Last Jedi set photo we could find

A few images of the Millennium Falcon

Image: The_Raw via Oblivion State

Here is it. The iconic Star Wars ship, the Millennium Falcon. After landing it in Kerry to shoot those final scenes between Rey and Luke at the end of The Force Awakens, it seems the crew decided to leave it there, unguarded, until filming for Star Wars 8 picked up again. Big mistake. Fans flocked to the site, including The_Raw and his friends who packed a BBQ and headed down to the site to explore the famous ship and it's surroundings. Helpfully they took lots of pictures of the outside, the inside... every side really, so you can see the set the Star Wars 8 crew are using for the Millennium Falcon.


Image: The_Raw via Oblivion State

Recognise those steps? Of course you do.