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Every Star Wars: The Last Jedi set photo we could find

A few from the Star Wars set in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Image: Making Star Wars

The Star Wars enthusiasts behind Making Star Wars are well connected and as such have a ‘friend’ on the set of Star Wars 8 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The well-placed source has been leaking information and images from the set for a while now, but the next few pictures actually come courtesy of collaborator Marijana Matulović. The one above shows the head of what's been dubbed a "space horse" and in the following images you'll see fascinating photos of space tables, space doors, and space control panels. You lucky thing, you. 

Dave Filoni visiting the set

Image: Official Star Wars Twitter

Revealed as part of Star Wars Celebration, this is Dave Filoni, executive producer of Star Wars Rebels, getting in on the action on set. They really love their black and white imagery. 

Behind the scenes shots from Celebration Europe

Image: Twitter Erik Davis

The following three stylish black and white images are even more bits of behind the scenes antics revealed at Star Wars Celebration. Images courtesy of Erik Davis. 

That's no moon....

Image: Twitter Erik Davis

What's he looking at?

You'd think shooting movies was fun

Image: Twitter Erik Davis

Let's assume they're all talking about The Last Jedi's shocking, amazing twist ending.