Veteran developer of infamous cancelled Star Wars game leaves PlayStation to return to the franchise

Amy Hennig
(Image credit: Skydance)

Dominic Robilliard, the director behind the canceled Star Wars 1313 game and more recently, creative director at PlayStation, has joined Uncharted writer and director Amy Hennig at Skydance New Media.

Robilliard announced the move himself on Linkedin, writing, "I am incredibly excited to share that I will be joining Amy Hennig, Julian Beak and the incredible team at Skydance New Media as their Game Director."

Hennig joined Skydance to head up its games division back in 2019, and since then we've learned the studio is working on a yet untitled Star Wars game, years after EA shut down her previous Star Wars project along with Visceral Games. We also known Hennig has her hands full with Skydance's narrative-driven Marvel game where you play as an up-and-coming Steve Rodgers, Howling Commandos member Gabriel Jones, Black Panther, and Nanali.

Robilliard says he's joining Skydance to "play in the iconic worlds of Marvel and Star Wars (again!)," confirming he'll be working on both projects. Alongside Hennig, he'll be joined by Beak, a senior producer at Visceral Games who was also working on the studio's Star Was project that never came to be.

We've still seen precious little of both games. The Star Wars project has yet to reveal any trailers or even story details, although it's been described as "richly cinematic" as befits Hennig's pedigree. Meanwhile, the Marvel title got a brief teaser trailer and plot deets last year. Neither project has a concrete release date or window just yet.

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