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Star Trek 2 writer offers update on the sequel

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Star Trek 2 writer Roberto Orci has spoken out about working on the sci-fi sequel, revealing that the first draft of the script is complete.

Talking at WonderCon, he also stated that both he and his co-writer Alex Kurtzman value fan input – and that some of their comments could help shape the sequel’s script.

“Everyone said [ Kirk ] is too young to become Captain,” Orci says, “So maybe in the next movie, somebody goes, ‘Man, you sure became Captain young and fast.’ You start to incorporate people's opinions...

“If it's organic to the story and you find someone who doesn't think too highly of Kirk because he maybe skipped a few steps, that's maybe a fun thing to consider. That comes from a fan reaction and maybe gives you a story point.”

Hinting that production on the follow-up could kick off this autumn, Orci teased about what we should expect from the film.

“[ Fans ] wanted more character time with everybody,” he says, “and, because that was an origin story for Star Trek , everyone had to come in at a certain point.

“Now everyone is going to be there from the beginning, so they're going to get that. Everyone sure hated engineering. They thought it looked like a brewery, which it was. I'll pass that on to J.J. [ Abrams ] and see what he says.”

Finally, Orci revealed that he’s happier with the process behind the sequel than he was on the first 2009 Star Trek .

“We'll be working and tweaking that story through shooting,” he reveals, “This time we don't have a strike, so we'll actually be able to change things on the set.

"On the last movie, we handed in the script and that was it. You couldn't change a word. This one feels like we've got all the time in the world.”