Splinter Cell aligns with Xbox

Thursday 28 September 2006
Splinter Cell 5, the next instalment in the stealth-tastic series, will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, attendees at X06, Microsoft's currently-running Xbox 360 event, have been told.

The new Sam Fisher adventure will be called Splinter Cell Conviction, if the info that Ubisoft accidentally leaked last week is to be believed.

Developer and publisher Ubisoft has confirmed that 360 will be "the exclusive platform" for Splinter Cell 5 and that Xbox Live will allow the series to "transform and modernise" online gaming. We're sceptical that SC5 will never hit PS3 - Ubisoft said the same thing about Assassin's Creed and PS3, and look what happened there - but Sony fans can certainly expect a huge wait for Fisher's next outing.