Spider-Man PS4's GOTY Edition gets you the game and all the DLC for a discount

Spider-Man PS4 has a brand new Game of the Year edition that bundles in the base game and all of its DLC, and you can pick it up right now for $39.99 / £44.99. The new package arrives just short of a year after the original game's release date, giving folks who haven't yet experienced the virtual thrill of swinging around New York a nice discount on the complete adventures of Earth-1048's Peter Parker. The complete adventures until Insomniac (fresh off of its purchase by Sony) gets around to putting out a sequel, anyway.

The base game is worth that discounted price of admission alone, whether you're a huge Spider-Fan who has read all the comics and re-watched Spider-Man: Far From Home a dozen times, or if you're a newcomer who just thinks that suit's shiny white spider looks cool. The web swinging is some of the most fun you'll have just moving around in any game, and the story offers a refreshing take on familiar characters like Parker himself as well as Aunt May and Mary-Jane Watson (it takes place in a universe separate from both the comics and the film series). The Spider-Man PS4 Easter eggs are pretty good too, including a full-fledged cameo from the late, great Stan Lee.

Once you finish the main story - assuming you ever stop working on the side activities - you can move on to the City that Never Sleeps DLC. Its three-part adventure takes place after the main campaign and gives more spotlight to less-developed characters like Black Cat and Silver Sable. With Spider-Man's MCU future uncertain, at least you can keep enjoying Insomniac Games' take on the character for hours and hours.

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