Warhammer: Space Marine getting Dreadnought DLC

The next batch of DLC for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine has been confirmed for release later in the month. The pack's title is The Dreadnought – which, in the context of Warhammer 40k, means you'll be piloting superpowered battle-mechs in a new Dreadnought Assault mode, rather than the heavily-armed 20th-century steamships from which the term originates. (Can you believe we went an entire day without this sort of useless trivia at our fingertips?)

The centerpiece of the 800 MSP/$9.99 DLC is the Dreadnought Assault mode, a Capture the Flag-esque multiplayer match where the fastest team to secure a contested spot is rewarded with control of a Dreadnought and its three high-powered assault weapons. There's also three new maps included within the pack, as well as the obvious added trophies and achievements.

Released alongside The Dreadnought is a new Capture and Control multiplayer mode (which is basically Dreadnought Assault without the Dreadnought), and two new multiplayer skin packs for 240 MSP/$2.99 apiece. All this goes live on the 25th of January.