South Park is getting a Vaccination Special and the first look is here, mmkay

South Park is back with a new Vaccination Special – and you can get a dose of the upcoming COVID-19-themed episode now thanks to the first trailer.

Premiering on March 10, the "South ParQ" Vaccination Special sees a masked-up Cartman locking horns with Butters' dad. Elsewhere, guidance counselor Mr. Mackey outlines the plot for the hour-long episode: the South Park kids are tasked with bringing all the vaccines they can to South Park Elementary. Do that, and they can "get their teacher back." Could the Trump-style President Garrison be making a more traditional comeback after their explosive appearance in the Pandemic Special?

Butters is also present and accounted for in the South Park Vaccination Special. The show, of course, has never been shy about skewering subjects ripped from the headlines, and it's set its sights on another contemporary target. With Butters joining the Little Qties (a parody of the QAnon group), it seems that even 2020 hasn't blunted South Park's topical edge.

South Park returned for a post-season 23 Pandemic Special last September, and the show has been renewed for at least three more seasons. If you've not come on down to Colorado for a while, you might be surprised to know that recent years has seen South Park freshen up its formula by ditching its longer seasons in favor of shorter, more serialized affairs.

However, there's no word yet on when the full-fat season 24 is going to land on Comedy Central. Maybe we'll get an AWESOM-O announcement shortly. In the meantime, check out the best South Park episodes.

Bradley Russell

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