South Park returning with hour-long "Pandemic Special" episode

(Image credit: Comedy Central)

South Park's back! The series – which has never shied away from tackling the biggest modern-day events – will return later this month with a special, hour-long episode titled "The Pandemic Special”. Because, yep, they're going there.

The trailer begins with Randy announcing a "Pandemic Special". He's both talking (in a meta sense) about the episode itself as well as what's happening in the episode. Randy is profiteering from the coronavirus pandemic by seemingly selling face masks and tests. He really is the worst. 

Meanwhile, the South Park kids are learning to deal with new social distancing measures and having to return to school, where classes are being run by the police and everyone wears face protection. The trailer ends with the Marsh family in a car and Sharon grumpily saying, "A pandemic special, really Randy?" Watch below.

In other South Park news, HBO Max reportedly spent around $500 million acquiring the streaming rights to the series, which has been renewed for a further three seasons. It's currently unclear whether the hour-long special will kickstart weekly season 24 episodes or be a one-off.

The South Park "Pandemic Special" airs September 30 on Comedy Central, and will come to HBO Max the next day. In the meantime, make sure to check out the best South Park episodes, mmkay.

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