Sources rumor imminent PS5 restock at Amazon

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All PS5 restock eyes have been on Amazon for a while, as they have been one of the only major retailers not to offer more consoles in 2022. However, there has been speculation that the retail giant might be revving up for a drop soon. 

Restock tracker @Jake_Randall_YT recently tweeted that we would be seeing restock of the elusive console on Amazon. This source is quite reliable as they have been able to predict a PS5 restock at most major retailers. The tweet was posted on 23rd February, so the restock is yet to happen. That said, it's not unfounded in history. Amazon usually restocks on items towards the end of the month, so predictions say that we can expect the next PS5 restock any time in the next couple of days. 

Jake has not been the only social media source to speculate a possible drop. @FastAlerts_io, a social media page dedicated to restocking news, has also suggested that Amazon could be restocking on PS5s anywhere from the 21st of February to the end of the month. 

If a new wave does hit, it will likely be reserved for those with an Amazon Prime membership, similar to the retailer's last drop in December. This seems to be a trend with many retailers right now, as many of them require buyers to be part of a subscription or hold a paid membership to be eligible for a console purchase. 

$449 at Amazon

PS5 | $449 at Amazon
It's becoming increasing likely that Amazon will be restocking on the PS5 console, however its becomes increasingly likely that it will be reserved for those with Prime membership. Signing up for one might be your best bet at snagging one. 

PS5 Digital Edition | $399.99 at Amazon

PS5 Digital Edition | $399.99 at Amazon
The Digital versions of the PS5 console is an option for those of you who aren't avid disk copy collectors. If you don't have a large collection of PS4 disked games, then get the digital version and save $100. 

Previous PS5 restocks

Finding PS5 restocks: our top tips

Amazon has let us down before - we were all expecting a PS5 restock at the end of January. If we do see more stock over the next few days, then, we'd recommend taking a few key steps to make sure you make the most of it. 

Stay signed in
Make sure you're signed into your Amazon account and stay signed in. You'll need to move quickly through checkout to secure this PS5 restock, so we'd also make sure you save your payment and shipping information as well. That will ensure you breeze through the final stages of securing your console.

Check all buying options
Amazon has been known to hide its PS5 restocks in alternative buying methods. Hit 'See All Buying Options' if you come up against an out of stock message to make sure you're not missing out. However, make sure you're only paying the standard MSRP of $449.

Keep checking and refreshing
We'd recommend keeping a close eye on Amazon over the next few days, checking in regularly. You never know when a PS5 restock is going to hit here, so the chances of stumbling upon one are higher than ever right now. If you do land on a live drop, though, we'd recommend sticking with that refresh button if you're struggling to break through.

Check for PS5 restocks today

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