Sonic Lost World Red Star Rings guide

Desert Ruins: Zone 3

Red Star Ring 1: When you come to the blue licorice platforms, the first Red Star Ring is in a little nook underneath, next to a rotating cookie.

Red Star Ring 2: From the blue licorice area, after you jump onto a half-cookie platform, you'll see a cannon on your ride. Instead of using it, look for a raised platform on your left with another cannon on it. Use it to launch yourself through a predetermined path with a Red Star Ring at the end.

Red Star Ring 3: The first time you encounter a couple of cannons firing pastries, you'll see the third Red Star Ring on a platform immediately behind them. Ignore the jump pad to reach it.

Red Star Ring 4: During a sequence toward the end of the level that has you jumping across several cookie platforms in a row, the Red Star Ring is on the second-to-last, on one side.

Red Star Ring 5: At the final area, you'll see three sets of cannons. You can use a jump chain on their projectiles to boost yourself higher. Do this to reach the final Red Star Ring, located right above the level's end.