Sonic Lost World Red Star Rings guide

Desert Ruins: Zone 4

Red Star Ring 1: While being chased by the whirlwind at the beginning of the level, you'll clearly see the Red Star Ring suspended over one of the sand pits shortly after you need to collect five numbered rings.

Red Star Ring 2: As you head above ground during the drilling sequence, look for the Red Star Ring at the top of the screen just as you're about to leave.

Red Star Ring 3: Shortly after the whirlwind begins chasing you again, you'll see the Red Star Ring hovering over a couple of raised platforms.

Red Star Ring 4: During the second whirlwind chase, you'll need to attack three ladybugs in a row and then be launched through a loop. As soon as you come out of the loop, jump to the raised platform and leap across a series of animal cages to find the fourth Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 5: You'll find this one suspended over a sand pit immediately after a series of jump pads during the second whirlwind chase. You'll need to reach it from one of the platforms above, so be sure to double jump as you grab it to avoid falling to your death.