Sonic Lost World Red Star Rings guide

Silent Forest: Zone 4

Red Star Ring 1: The first time you encounter a statue head, jump on top of it and ride it up to find the first Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 2: You'll pass right over this soon after the first Red Star Ring and will need to double back across a couple of very narrow platforms when you reach the bottom level.

Red Star Ring 3: While passing through the dark room, look for a statue head that's repeatedly being launched into a narrow pass directly overhead. The Red Star Ring is in a hidden alcove on the left side after you ride it up. Note that the Red Star Ring is clearly visible if the lights are turned on.

Red Star Ring 4: In the darkly-lit area, when you come to several round, rotating platforms, leap onto the one on the left (with the spiky balls on it) and wall-run to the topmost platform. You'll see the Red Star Ring in silhouette at the top.

Red Star Ring 5: When you come to a bomb-throwing robot at the end of the darkly-lit area, turn around and jump to a platform on your left side for the final Red Star Ring.