Sonic Lost World Red Star Rings guide

Windy Hill: Zone 1

Red Star Ring 1: At the start of the level, run directly forward. You'll eventually cross a spiky, rotating log and then a bridge. Immediately afterwards, you'll see a tree. Get a running start and hit the tree dead-on to be launched to the first Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 2: After reaching the second area, use either of the two extended ramps to reached the raised portion in the back. You'll hit a checkpoint, be launched to a set of moving platforms, and pass through another checkpoint. Grab the bell, and then follow it along a series of collapsing walkways, touching it each time it stops. It will eventually situate itself atop a tree and turn into a Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 3: When you come to a large windmill-like structure halfway through the level, climb to the top using the supplied platforms to find the third Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 4: A boost on the top level of the giant windmill will launch you into the sky. While passing through, you'll see a couple of small cloud platforms on the right-hand side. Bounce from the second platform to reach the Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 5: When you reach the area surrounded with waterfalls, take the route covered in shadow. The final Red Star Ring will be on your right.