Sonic Lost World Red Star Rings guide

Tropical Coast: Zone 1

Red Star Ring 1: In the first area, take the raised path along the left-hand wall. Climb the first tree you see to be launched to the first Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 2: Directly behind the tree that led you to the first Red Star Ring is a geyser. There's a bell on top. Grab the bell and chase it across the geysers in the area until it reveals another Red Star Ring at the very end.

Red Star Ring 3: In the second major area, hug the wall on the left again and take the raised path. Towards the end, you'll see a boost. Use it to launch yourself through a series of trees and reach the third Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 4: After making it past the grid that's surrounded by cannons, you'll be flung into another large, open area. Ride one of the geysers up to the raised path on the right side. You'll find the fourth Red Star Ring just in front of a large chasm.

Red Star Ring 5: While bouncing through the clouds at the very end of the zone, the final Red Star Ring is hidden away in a container on the left-hand side, next to a couple of extra lives.