Sonic Lost World Red Star Rings guide

Desert Ruins: Zone 2

Red Star Ring 1: You'll find this at the end of the first skydiving segment, just before you hit the flower.

Red Star Ring 2: After touching down from the first skydive, you'll pass through a tunnel and then encounter an enemy that sprays honey onto the screen. The Red Star Ring will be on your left as you pass through.

Red Star Ring 3: From the location of the last Red Star Ring, you'll pass through two tunnels and then enter an area with numbered rings. As soon as you do, hug the left side of the path, jump and gap and attack the acorn to be launched to the third Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 4: After the second skydiving segment, you'll pass through a couple of tunnels and reach a large, cylindrical path. As soon as you're there, take the tunnel on the right side. You'll collect three extra lives in a row if you're in the correct one. Continue following the path until you reach the Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 5: When you reach the final cylindrical path before the boss, cross over to the underside to find a tunnel with four more extra lives in it. On the other side, you'll see the last Red Star Ring.