Sonic Lost World Red Star Rings guide

Desert Ruins: Zone 1

Red Star Ring 1: In the first area, keep an eye out for a massive tree on the right hand side. Climb it to be launched to the first Red Star Ring.

Red Star Ring 2: When coming to the end of the first side-scrolling segment, the Red Star Ring is located across from the exit. Wall-jump up the vertical shaft across from the row of spikes to get it.

Red Star Ring 3: While working your way through the second outdoor area, be on the lookout for a raised platform between two sand pits. Get a running start to reach the top of the platform, where the Red Star Ring waits.

Red Star Ring 4: When you come to the exit of the second side-scrolling area, don't leave. Instead, leap up to the platform on the opposite side of the door and wall-run to the top of a vertical shaft, where a bell awaits. You'll need to stay in the room, chasing the bell around and avoiding being swallowed by the sandworms that lunge from below. Survive long enough and eventually the Red Star Ring will appear.

Red Star Ring 5: Near the end of the level, you'll come to an area full of trees. The first will have a bell atop. The bell will relocate itself into a couple of spiky pits and then atop a sandworm. Use the boost in front of the sandworm to unearth a jump pad, which will launch you to the Red Star Ring.