Singularity achievement & trophy guide

The power to revert soldiers comes a little later on in the game, but when it does come, it allows you to turn the humans into the ugly exploding creatures that go by sound. To turn them, hit the left bumper like you were doing to Dust them, and then hit it again quickly, to change them.

No Time to Bleed
Gamerpoints - 15
15 Autocannon kills without reloading in single player campaign

This achievement is much harder than it sounds. The best way to get it is to level up the auto cannon’s ammo capacity and damage. Once it is levelled up, enemies melt in front of it, even the tougher ones that you’ll face later on and you won’t need to waste an assload of bullets on them. Keep in mind that you can switch weapons, just don’t reload the autocannon.

Pen Pal
Gamerpoints - 20
Used the TMD to find 15 Chrono-Notes in single player campaign

Every once in awhile, you’ll come across some white blue-ish marks on the walls. When you see them, use the TMD on them and it will reveal a scribbled note. The marks are pretty easy to notice and leave some interesting words. You only need to find 15 of them and thankfully there are more than that scattered about in case you miss some.

Pistol Whipped
Gamerpoints - 10
20 Centurion kills in single player campaign

You’ll start kicking this achievement off at the start of the game, but will most likely finish it off near the end. The pistol is not a great weapon to have in your possession, so when you reach a weapons locker, use it and then switch back when you have killed a few enemies and move on.

Put the Dead in Deadlock
Gamerpoints - 15
Kill 10 enemies inside a Deadlock in single player campaign

The deadlock power is the blue bubble that slows down enemies that are caught inside it. The best enemies to get for this achievement are the Phase Ticks. The first and perhaps the best place is when you first encounter them and you need to turn the valve handle to open the far doors so that a swarm will rush in. Get as many as you can in the Deadlock and then open fire on them. You can reload the checkpoint and keep at it until you splat ten, if you didn’t get enough the first time around.

Return to Sender
Gamerpoints - 20
Kill 5 enemies by grabbing rockets and launching them back in single player campaign

Like grenades, you can grab the rockets that are shot at you and fire them back at your attacker. There won’t be too many rocket soldiers through the game, so when you do run into them, make sure you do kill them with their own rockets and nothing else.

Revert Bomber
Gamerpoints - 25
Killed 10 enemies by aging a Revert and having it explode near them in single player campaign

Aging Reverts can be a little tricky. You will need to make sure that your energy meter is long enough to fire off three shots from the TMD. Once you revert the soldier with two quick hits, you need to hit it again with a third shot to age it. When you do, it will lumber off towards any other human soldiers in the area. The idea is to get it to explode near the other human soldiers when it does. 15 splodey kills takes a while to get, but it will come eventually.

Roller Derby
Gamerpoints - 15
20 Dethex Launcher kills in single player campaign

Again, much like the other weapon based Achievements, this will come with time – as long as you actually use the launcher- but if you like, when you reach a crowd, roll the grenade into them and light them up. A few groups will net you the reward.