Singularity achievement & trophy guide

The radio tower where you can get the assault rifle Achievement is a good place to get this achievement as well. When you first get there, use the sniper rifle to start taking out the enemies on the far left. Make sure you are in TM mode for the kills to count. Getting 25 is easy enough here, but if you miss a few, restart the checkpoint to finish it off.

Stay After Class
Gamerpoints - 20
Used the TMD to revert 10 Chalkboards in single player campaign

Much like the Notes, there are chalkboards scattered about that are broken, hanging on the wall. Using the TMD will revert them back to their original state. Again, like the notes, there are more than 10 chalkboards throughout the game, so even if you miss one, you still have a chance at nabbing the achievement.

Time Bandit
Gamerpoints - 15
Grab 5 Shields from enemies in single player campaign

You will run into shielded soldiers before you can take their shields. Once your TMD is upgraded enough, you will be able to haul away their protection and – as I would like to do, throw it back and kill them with it. Once you get the TMD to pull shields, you won’t run into too many of the shielded soldiers, so make sure when you do see them, you take them.

Time's on My Side
Gamerpoints - 20
Purchased 5 different TMD Equipment items in single player campaign

As you continue through the singleplayer campaign, you will find TMD Augmentation stations that you can use to add abilities such as armour to protect against melee and projectiles. Purchase 5 of them from the equipment tab to get the achievement.

That Wheel?
Gamerpoints - 15
Found the wheel. Will they ever explain this?

In a nod to LOST, the wheel in question is located in the E99 Processing Complex. You will come to a TMD upgrade station that will turn the orange lights on your glove blue. Behind the station is a vent that you can blow open with an impulse shot. Follow it down the ladder and through to the end and you will find the mysterious wheel there.

Time Master
Gamerpoints - 60
Completed Singularity on Hard Mode

Pretty self explanatory. Play on hard, finish the game. Getting a refreshing drink to celebrate is optional.

Up Close and Personal
Gamerpoints - 15
Kill 20 enemies with Impulse in single player campaign

Same as the deadlock achievement, when you first reach the Phase Ticks is a good place to get this. Your impulse is as weak as a baby, but thankfully, so are the ticks. You can wait till later on in the game until your Impulse is more powerful and can take guys out in one hit, but we both know you want to get this achievement out of the way.

You're a Hit
Gamerpoints - 10
20 Spikeshot kills in single player campaign

Definitely not a favourite weapon of mine and I only used it to get the achievement. The Spikeshot allows you to shoot an explosive dart – think of the Torque Bow in Gears of War – in which you need to hold the left trigger to zoom in and then pull the right to fire it off. It’s easy to miss with it, so make sure your shots count. 20 kills and you will never have to use the useless weapon again.