Silent Hill: Downpour side missions guide

Stolen Goods

When you enter the apartment building through the window, just after crossing the gap on Lansdale Ave. by going across the beams, go up to the top floor and enter the apartment with the note on the door. When inside, look for the bed frame against the wall and pull it out. Under will be a box full of goodies that you will now need to return. Exit the apartment and go across the hall to the next apartment. In here you will hear a woman crying. Place the locket in the box on the table and then enter the bedroom. Go over to the ticking and place the watch on the hand. Leave the apartment and go down a flight of stairs. Make your way down the hall and enter the apartment on the left. Enter the bedroom and place the elephant on the table beside the bed to make the crying baby start laughing. Now head down to the ground floor and enter the apartment there. Enter the bedroom and place the medal on the table where the box is. Once you have placed all 4 items, the side mission is completed.

The Art Collector

For the first painting, when you are in the police Station and are using the dispatch radio, break down the door directly behind you and you will find the painting in there. The second can be found in the apartment where you needed to return the war medal, directly across from the rocking chair. The third is in the booth inside the Hillside tunnel entrance. The fourth is found at the end of Laymond St., through the crushed opening in the door. Go through the gate using 872 as the code, as found on the envelope and you can find the painting in the room. For the fifth painting, when you enter the shop to get the light bulb for the movie projector, grab the storage room key from the register and go through the door to the right. In the far left corner, move a box to reveal the painting hiding there. For the sixth and final painting, when you reach the end of Brite St., go down the steps to Rice St. and head to the right. Along the side of the road will be a van there. Open the back doors to find the painting hiding in there along with a shotgun.

Once you have all six paintings, go back to the gallery in the alley just west of the corner of Laymond and Cook and head for the basement. Place each painting on the table and then arrange them so that the lines match up. Once you the correct order, look on the now-together paintings and there will be symbols in red. Remember what each symbol is and its placement and then head to the cemetery to the left of the monastery. When you enter the cemetery, go down the stairs and enter the crypt on the right side. Climb down the ladder and you will see a set of tiles on the left side wall. Press the tiles that have the images on them that you saw on the group of paintings. When you have them all pressed, the gate will open allowing you to go deeper. You will have completed the mission by now, but you can go through the passage and open a coffin at the end for a little reward.

The Bank

For this mission, all you need to do is enter the bank, located at Lansdale Ave. and Brite St., and head to the vault in the basement. When you are in it, try to open one of the deposit boxes and the alarm will sound. Go back up to the main room and there will be some guests. This is basically a round after round mission, where you will face off against increasing enemies until they are all dead. It’s not very difficult as there are only 5 rounds and the final round is only 3 enemies. In between each round, a deposit box will open giving you a goody. The best of the rewards is a pistol that you can then use to take out the remaining rounds, if you like. Once the final round is over, the alarm will stop and the mission will be over.

The Gramophone

This is one of the creepier missions, for sure. Go through the alley to the left of the movie theater and once you are on the street, there is a ladder that you can pull down to enter the apartment above. Climb on up and enter and there will be an old record player there. Head up the stairs and enter the first door on the left and go to the corner on the far left. Grab the crank and then head out to the hallway. Go left and enter the first door on the right. Inside the bedroom, there will be a record on the dresser. Grab it and then go back to the record player. Place both items and then turn the crank. Once the scene plays, turn the crank the opposite way and you will get attacked. Go half way up the stairs and when you hear to “let him burn in hell,” use your lighter on the painting and set it on fire to finish the mission