Silent Hill: Downpour side missions guide


For this side mission, you can start it by looking at the missing persons sign on the west side of the street, just north of the corner at Lansdale and Cook. When you read the sign, head north to the corner of Brite and Lansdale to find a lunch box on the ground. Read the note inside and it will tell you how to follow the ribbons. Basically you just need to go to the docks that are on the north side of Rice St., west of King Ave. Go down to the docks and you will find a key that says “Lamont St.” on it. Go to Lamont St., and just north of the movie theater there will be an apartment building you can enter. Enter and go up the stairs and unlock the door there. Head for the bedroom and read the note on the bed to finish the mission. Note that you won’t be able to go to the docks until you have finished exploring the Centennial Building.

Shadow Play

For this mission there are 6 separate objects to find. Once you find each one, you will need to place the object on a stand and then shine your flashlight on it to make the shadow correspond to the image on the wall. For the first object, enter the building directly across from the Queen Burger on the second floor. Light the candles around the map and then grab the Soul Eye Fragment from the chair beside it. Take the fragment over to the left side of the room where there is an eye on the wall. Use the fragment in the gold plate and shine your flashlight it. If you need to, turn the fragment so that the shadow matches. When it does, white will appear on the wall and the fragment will turn into a coin. The next fragment is the Four fragment. Exit the building and go directly to your right.

In a box on the sidewalk will be the Four fragment. Grab it and then head down the alley to the south. About halfway down, you will find a gold plate sitting on some boxes. Place the fragment in it and use the flashlight. For this one, you will need to shine the light on it, turn it twice, then shine the light on it twice to leave two marks. Once it is complete, grab the coin and head over to the section between Lansdale and Laymond that you originally used to get from one street to the other. In between the streets here, on the north wall will be the Enlightenment Fragment in a box. Grab it and then head down the Pearl Creek tunnel entrance where the homeless man is. Use the fragment on the gold plate that is right in front of you when you squeeze into the tunnel.

Line up the shadow so it matches and take the coin. Now make your way to Lansdale and Cook St. and to the south west corner. In another box here, you will find the Healing Fragment. You will need to take it to the small park area on the southeast side of Cook St., so follow the alley way around to get to the park and place the fragment in the gold plate in the corner. You will need to use the flashlight twice on the fragment to get two shadow marks on the wall. Once you have it, now you can go all the way over to the drawbridge for the final fragments. Once you reach the draw bridge, enter the booth on the left side that has the lever to lower the bridge. Grab the fragment from the box there and then climb down. Go out to the right, and follow the path down to under the bridge. On the left you will see the Healing marker, but ignore it for a couple moments.

Go through the second door on the left and then go through the next door to come back outside. As soon as you step outside, look down to your right to find the second piece of the healing fragment. Now go back to the healing marker on the wall under the bridge and place the round fragment in the gold plate. Use the flashlight to create the shadow and then place the other fragment. This fragment will need to be used twice, facing a different direction each time. Once you have the shadows lined up, grab the final coin and head back to the apartment with the map. Once inside, use the map and place each coin on the corresponding spot where you got each one. Once all 5 are in place, a demon statue will appear on the table and the mission will be completed. I never did figure out what the demon statue was actually for, but it does clunk enemies on the head pretty good.