Silent Hill: Downpour side missions guide

All-Points Bulletin

When you reach the town after exiting the mines, go to the alley on the left side of the street, between the houses, and you’ll start to hear police sirens. Walk along the streets until a cop car arrives. When it does, it will disappear and some screamers will show up, starting the side mission. Once you have taken them down, head to Police Station north of Campbell St., but enter it from the broken wall entrance just off of Mc Cammon St. When you are inside, cross the beam to get over the huge pit and use the radio to enter the codes A648, C466, D375, and B557. If you look on the black board to the left of the beam you crossed, you will see the incomplete call signs there. Once you have entered all 4 codes, the mission will be completed.

Ashes to Ashes

Enter the house on Rice St. that is just west of the entrance to the docks and pier. When inside, go to the second floor and enter the master bedroom. Look to the corner on the right side and there will be an urn there. Pick it up and then leave the house. Make your way east to the entrance to the docks and pier and go west to the pier. Make your way to the end and there will be a bench on left side. Use the urn there and you will pour the ashes over the bench that will then reveal a number. Once you have done that, the mission will be completed.


For this mission, there are bird cages scattered about the town that each has a blue bird in them. When you release each bird, a short section of a scene will play. The first bird is found to the north at the east end of Mc Cammon St. You can find it on the porch of the house there. The second bird is found on the Northeast corner of Lansdale Ave. and Brite St. The third bird cage is at the north end of Brite St., across from the Queen Burger where the street bends to the west. Look for the cage beside the phone booth there. For the fourth bird, go to Rice St. and stick to the south side of the road. You will come to it as your reach the barricade blocking the road. For the final cage, you will find it after you lower the bridge on King Ave. Head to the docks at the Northwest, and the final bird will be in a cage in a corner along the fence.

Cinema Verite

This is one of the rather longer side missions. For the first part, you will need to find three film reels and a light bulb. For the light bulb, go to the entrance to the Monastery, and across the street from it will be a door that leads to a store. Enter it and grab the light bulb from the shelf. Also while you are here, grab the key out of the register and go through the door to the right to find another painting for the Art Collector Side Mission. Once you have the bulb, head back to the theater and now you have to get the three reels. The first reel can be found on a counter in the lobby while on easy or normal, but on hard it is found in the small room behind the food counter.

The second film can be found in the washroom with the hole in the wall on easy and normal, but on hard you will need to enter the main theater and go up the left set of stairs. Just before you reach the top, look on the ground beside the last row of seats to find it. The third and final film is found in the room that is now open, and opposite the door with the keypad on it, inside the projector booth. Once you have all three films, you are to play them one at a time on the projector and run down to the screen. You can then enter the film and search for the numbers you need to open the keypad door.

Feel free to go and look, but I’ll let you know the numbers are 9241. Now you can open the keypadded door and place the film reels on the splicer. Once they are one, place it on the projector and run down to the screen to enter the film. Go right, along the path, and enter the house through the front door. Make a left through the door in the middle of the hall and grab the wooden handle on the far side. Now go back out and go through the door at the end of the hall.

Go through the next door and you will enter the second part of the film. Walk to the right and you will come to a jack in the box on a table. Use the crank on it and turn till the clown pops out with a key. Continue going right to the ladder in the corner and climb on up. Follow the attic to the lighted window where there is a footlocker. Use the key on it to get yourself a fancy new present. Now just fight your way back to the start and exit the film to finish the mission.

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