Silent Hill: Downpour side missions guide

Dead Man’s Hand

Head over to Rice Street, and on the south side to the left of the sewer, there is an alley leading behind a house. Enter the door there and take a look around on the first floor. You will find a man who has his hand in a vice and has had his heart ripped out. Delicious. Make your to the back room where there will be a hole in the floor with a ladder leading to the basement. Follow the corridor to the right and keep going until you come to a gate where you can start to hear a heart beating. Enter and grab the jar and start making your way back to the ladder. There will be a crap ton of enemies on the way back, so keep moving. Once you get to the ladder, take the heart to the man and the mission will be done.

Digging up The Past

This side mission can only be one once you have completed the game once and you will need to have a shovel in your possession to dig up each of the artifacts. Start up a new game and make your way to the town so that you can get started on. All that you need to do is visit 7 locations with a shovel and dig up the ground around the barrels with candles on them. For the first dig, go to the alley near the downed trees on Straub the leads west. Before going down the stairs on the left, go to the right and enter the backyard to find the candles on the barrel there. For the second, go to the backyard where you need to pull down the ladder to get to the beam that leads you inside the open apartment window.

Dig at the barrel and then you will need to go through the apartment to get to the Pearl Creek part of town. Once you reach it, you can find the third dig spot through the alley on the west side just south of Cook St. Just go straight down the alley and the barrel will be at the end. For the fourth, go to Logan’s Park and stick to the right side. The barrel will be in a small area on the far right towards the back of the park. To reach the next three dig spots, you will have to proceed through the Centennial Building. Do so and then make your way to the alley on the left side of the movie theater. Go through it and to the right when you exit it will be a small park with the barrel and candles.

Dig there to find your fifth artifact. The sixth can be found to the right of St. Maria’s Monastery. Follow the stairs down, past the fountain, and continue till you come to the candles. The seventh and final dig spot is across the draw bridge in the Port District. When you make it to the other side of the bridge, go to the left and in the backyard at the far side of the house on the south side, you will find the last remaining dig spot.


When you enter the Pearl Creek tunnel on the east side on Laymond Ave, just across from Logan’s Park, there is a homeless person there who will talk with you. When you do, he will want you to bring him three items, and each time you do, he will open up parts of the underground tunnels for you. The three items are: a chocolate bar, a coat, and a fishing rod. The chocolate bar can be found in the vending machine in the alley south of Cook St., near the corner of Cook and Laymond on hard. On normal it can be found along the south side of Cook St. and on easy it can be found at the corner of Brite and Laymond. The coat can be found in the Thrift Store at the north end of Brite St. The only real one that any difficult, and by difficult, it’s just far, is the fishing rod.

On hard it is by the docks, to the east through the opening in a fence. Go through and make a right to find it leaning against a wall. For Normal it can be found just outside the Pleasant River tunnel entrance, and on easy it can be found on the docks. Once you have an item, return it to him, and he will open up new tunnels for you to use. After you bring him the rod, the mission will be completed and you can then use the tunnels to get around the town much faster.

Mirror Mirror

This is a rather quick and easy side mission that you can get by entering the house on the corner of Ketchum and King in the Port District. Once you enter, go through the second door on the left and a mirror on the wall will go all crazy. When it stops moving, there will be an item that doesn’t match the items in the room. When you spot the difference, interact with the object and the mirror will change again. There are 5 objects and 5 times the mirror will shift. Watch for the dresser drawer, the TV, the table lamp, the painting, and the candle to the right of the mirror. Once you fix all 5, the mirror will shatter and there will be some goodies and a creepy show on the wall.