Silent Hill 2 movie reveals main cast and teases new monster "designs"

Silent Hill 2 Remake screenshot
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Return to Silent Hill, the upcoming horror movie based on Silent Hill 2, has revealed its lead cast, and its director has teased some new monster designs.

In case you missed its initial reveal, Return to Silent Hill is being directed by Christophe Gans, the director of the 2006 cult classic Silent Hill movie. At the time, we learned a few key insights from Gans and producer Hadida, chiefly that their intent is to respect "the will of the author," but we haven't heard heard much about the project since. 

Now, Deadline reports that Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson are leading the reboot. Irvine is best-known for the 2011 movie War Horse and the 2015 horror sequel The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, and Anderson you might recognize from  the 2017 horror movie Jigsaw and the TV show The Purge, which ran for two seasons from 2018 to 2020.

The movie follows James Sunderland (Irvine), who's called to Silent Hill to find his wife Mary (Anderson). Naturally, some pretty dark stuff goes down that I won't detail due to spoilers, but it is worth noting that producer Victor Hadida has confirmed there will be new monster designs in the movie that we haven't seen in the games.

"Christophe and I have been working closely with our partners at Konami, as they update the video game, to also create a version of Silent Hill for the theatrical audiences of today," said Hadida. "You will still find the iconic monsters – but there will also be new designs. We are confident that this new film and Konami's updated game together will propel the franchise forward for years to come."

Along with the new monsters, it's also interesting that Hadida emphasized the production's relationship with Konami, which is working with The Medium developer Bloober Team to release a PS5 remake of Silent Hill 2. The level of coordination between the game studio and movie studio is unclear at this point.

"Return to Silent Hill is a mythological love story about someone so deeply in love, they’re willing to go to hell to save someone," said Gans. "I'm delighted to have the wonderful talents of both Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson take us on this journey into a psychological horror world that I hope will both satisfy and surprise fans of Silent Hill."

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