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Sherlock Holmes 2 due December 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2 has landed itself a release date, with Warner Bros confirming that we can expect the action sequel on 16 December 2011.

According to Heat Vision , WB exec Barry Meyer unveiled the date to investors. Meanwhile, Sci-Fi Wire spoke to producer Joel Silver who confirmed that Rachel McAdams would be returning for the sequel.

He also revealed, however, that she won’t be the leading broad in the follow-up, meaning she’s likely to get about as much screen time in Holmes 2 as Kelly Reilly got in the first (hint: not much).

Which is a shame, considering McAdams pretty much had nothing to do in the first flick, either, besides make a few saucy remarks and get kidnapped.

Shooting on the film is set to commence this autumn. But the big question on everybody's lips is: Will Brat Pitt be pitching up to tango with Robert Downey Jr as the infamous antagonist Professor Moriarty?

Writer Michele Mulroney told /Film last year that they’re “gigantic Brad Pitt fans” and “Professor Moriarty is a big character to bite off”, but wouldn’t confirm or deny Pitt had been approached.

Source: [ Sci-Fi Wire ]

Do you want Pitt to play Moriarty?