Shadow of the Colossus PS3 Trophy guide

Thou desires a return to the forbidden land, for the colossi have returned, arisen anew... Fulfill thy quest completely, and thou shalt attain treasure beyond description... Though thy task be great, fear not: aid awaits thee... No really, use our guide, it is totally awesome...

The trophies are all listed alphabetically by name for this guide. Complicated boss fights feature videos of how to take them out.

Agro Circus


Perform all stunt riding using Agro

Quick-stop: While galloping, pull back on the left stick and X simultaneously.

180: While galloping, pull back on the left stick and X simultaneously twice in a row to whip Agro around.

Quick-start: From a standstill, push forward on the left stick and X simultaneously to rear up and take off.

Pet Agro (dismounted): Put away any weapons and press O near one of Agro’s front quarters to pet her.

Pet Agro (mounted): Put away any weapons and press O while on Agro to pet her.

Successful Agro jump: Ride Agro off of a short cliff or other obstacle and she’ll leap and land safely.

Bailed Agro jump: Ride Agro off of a fairly tall cliff and she’ll leap but stumble and throw you upon landing. Agro will never willingly leap from a height that will kill her.

Saddle stand: Hold R1 and push forward on the left stick to stand up while riding Agro.

Hanging while riding: Hold R1, Triangle, and left or right on the left stick to hang off the side of Agro while riding. Make sure to do this on both the right and left sides.

If the trophy does not pop after all of the above, try leaping from Agro (press triangle) from sitting and standing positions.



Reached the top of the shrine

Ride around the back of the Shrine of Worship to find some greenery running up the wall. If you don’t eat any shining lizard tails, it takes four playthroughs to achieve the required stamina for this task. Unfortunately, the climbing exploit that allowed you to reach the top without first increasing your stamina no longer exists in this version of the game.



Acquire all items available in normal time attack

During any normal playthrough after the first, you can fight any of the 16 colossi in normal time attack mode by praying (press O) at the foot of the statues inside the Shrine of Worship. For every two that you defeat, Dormin will drop an item into the small pool at the back of the shrine. You can activate these items from the pause menu. Here is a list of the items and the order in which they unlock:

1. Whistling Arrow: Distracts colossi when shot

2. Cloak of Force: Increases your strength (stabbing power)

3. Mask of Strength: Increases your strength (stabbing power)

4. Lizard Detection Stone: Shows only nearby lizards on your map

5. Fruit Tree Map: Shows all fruit on your map

6. Mask of Power: Further increases your strength (stabbing power)

7. Cloak of Deception: Makes you invisible to a colossus

8. Flash Arrows: Explode on impact, dealing greater damage



Acquired all fruits in the world

Above: Click the image for a huge version of this map

There are 128 pieces of fruit scattered across the land that when eaten will increase your HP bar. There are also 48 pieces of fruit at the top of the Shrine of Worship that reduce your HP bar. Yep, you have to eat these too, all in a single playthrough. Getting to the top of the shrine requires max stamina, so save this trophy for the same playthrough you intend to get the “Climber” trophy. Use your bow to shoot fruit loose from tree braches.

We recommend that before you start hunting these down, you obtain the fruit map by defeating 10 colossi in normal time attack mode. Unlike the in-game lizard detection stone, all remaining fruit will be shown across the whole map. There may be several pieces of fruit per icon on your map, so if the icon hasn’t disappeared, that means there is at least one more piece hiding in the leaves.

Endangered Lizards


Killed all shining lizards

There are 77 shining lizards around the forbidden land on each playthrough. Eating these lizard’s tails will increase your stamina. You can shoot the tails off of these lizards without killing them, but they won’t regrow their tails. Since the trophy requires the lizards be killed, don’t bother playing nice. Use your sword, trample them with Agro, or skewer them with arrows. Because there is always at least one lizard on or around each save point, we’ve overlaid the two maps.

Above: Click the image for a huge version of this map

Even with our map, we recommend first beating the game once to unlock time attack, then obtaining the in-game lizard detection stone by defeating 8 colossi in time attack mode. Even if this only reveals nearby lizards on your map, you can tell by their absence that you’ve already cleared an area. Also, a few of the spots on the map have multiple lizards (up to three), so if the spot doesn’t vanish after you kill the first lizard, continue searching the area. Remember, all 77 lizards must be killed in one playthrough for the trophy to pop.

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