Shadow of the Colossus PS3 Trophy guide

Valley of the Fallen


Defeat 15th Colossus

Look for the raised tiles near the shortest section of wall. Wait here until the colossus slams his foot down. This will raise the tile and allow you to climb to the next level. From here, wait for the colossus to hit the columns with his knife. This will cause the ceiling above you to fall, granting access to the top of the wall. Move onto the bridge but don’t walk out too far because the beast will destroy the bridge with its knife. You can now jump onto the head. Stab the glyph until it disappears, then move down to the right elbow and stab again. The colossus will drop its knife, exposing the final weakness on its palm. Now fall to the ground; when the beast smashes its fist down, finish the job.

Final Colossus


Defeat 16th Colossus

Move from trench to trench, using the low walls as cover from the beast’s blasts when you’re on the surface. Climb the stone skirt surrounding the colossus and stab the beast in the back. When it brings its hand around, leap onto it. Climb the arm and stab the weak point on the left bicep. The beast will move its other hand to investigate - leap to it. From this hand, fire an arrow at the beast’s left shoulder. It will move its hand to the shoulder, which allows you to jump onto its shoulder and climb up to the head. Stab the glyph here to defeat the 16th colossus.

The Forbidden


Clear the game in normal difficulty

After the credits roll at the end of your first playthrough, this trophy will pop.

Wander and the Forbidden


Clear the game in hard difficulty

Once you beat the game on Normal and save when the credits are over, you’ll have the option to start a new game on Hard Mode from the main menu. Some of the colossi have new or different weaknesses in hard mode. Stamina, HP, and items do not transfer between normal and hard difficulty.

Wander and the Colossus


Acquired all Trophies

A Platinum for playing the hell out of this classic? Yes please!

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