Secret Invasion release schedule: when is episode 4 on Disney Plus?

Secret Invasion
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Secret Invasion is breaking us week after week. Episode 4 is likely going to be no exception. With the amount of shock deaths and surprise endings we've already had, it's essential that you get ahead of your friends, family, and social media mutuals so nothing is spoiled in advance.

To help with that, we've put together a quick guide on the Secret Invasion episode 4 release date and streaming time on Disney Plus.

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When is Secret Invasion episode 4 releasing on Disney Plus?

Secret Invasion

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The Secret Invasion episode 4 Disney Plus release date is July 12 at midnight Pacific time/3:00 AM Eastern. That's 8:00 AM BST in the UK for those of you across the pond. We've seen it crop up 10-15 minutes earlier than scheduled in recent weeks, however.

For other regions, be sure to use the Time and Date Time Zone Converter.

Where to watch Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

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The only way to watch Secret Invasion is with a Disney Plus subscription. The series won't air anywhere else.

Secret Invasion release schedule: How many episodes are there?

Secret Invasion

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There are six episodes of Secret Invasion planned, with a new episode dropping every Wednesday from now until the last week of July. Here's what that release schedule looks like:

  • Secret Invasion episode 1: June 21 – out now! 
  • Secret Invasion episode 2: June 28 – out now! 
  • Secret Invasion episode 3: July 5 – out now! 
  • Secret Invasion episode 4: July 12
  • Secret Invasion episode 5: July 19
  • Secret Invasion episode 6: July 26

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