Sebastian Stan talks Marvel vs. DC

2016 is already set to see one hell of a superhero face-off, as Marvel’s Captain America 3 takes on Batman vs. Superman on the very same weekend.

And while there might yet be a concession of that release slot from one side or the other, Sebastian Stan has come out with some bullish comments about which will emerge on top.

“I mean, all you really have to do to know the answer to that question is just look at the track record of Marvel vs. DC,” laughs the Winter Soldier star, before dropping the two fateful words, “ Green Lantern !”

“You know, I’m biased!” he continues. “I dunno. I’m on this side. Listen, I’m with the brothers. They did a great film. If they want to do another film, and I’ll be part of it, then I’m game!”

Given that Stan recently revealed he has a nine-picture deal with Marvel, we would suggest he will very much be a part of Captain America 3 . As to which film comes out on top, we’ll just have to wait until 6 May 2016 to find out...

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