Scream 6 runtime revealed – and it's the longest of the franchise

Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega in Scream 6
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The Scream 6 runtime has been revealed – and it's the longest movie yet in the franchise. The film is a sequel to last year's Scream 5, simply titled Scream, and sees the surviving cast members return to face Ghostface once more. 

According to Regal Cinema (opens in new tab) (and, per Collider (opens in new tab), confirmed by Paramount), Scream 6 will be 2 hours and 3 minutes long. The original Scream clocks in at 1 hour 51 minutes, while Scream 2 is 2 hours, Scream 3 is 1 hour and 56 minutes, Scream 4 is 1 hour and 51 minutes, and Scream 5 is 1 hour and 54 minutes. That makes Scream 6 the longest of the bunch by three minutes. 

The sixth installment in the franchise relocates to New York City and sees Melissa Barrera's Sam, Jenna Ortega's Tara, Mason Gooding's Chad and Jasmin Savoy Brown's Mindy facing Ghostface once more. Whoever the killer is this time has a whole shrine dedicated to the murders and that iconic masked killer – and is seen wielding a gun in a grocery store, stalking Sam and Tara. Luckily, though, Hayden Panettiere's Kirby and Courteney Cox's Gale are back to help out. Not returning, though, is Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott thanks to a pay dispute

"I think we can say that, because of the setting, this Ghostface, there just has to be a level of brazenness," co-director Tyler Gillett told Total Film of the movie. "To set a movie in a city with people around, there has to be a level of confidence and brutality to make that character believable in that setting. And he's terrifying. [Laughs] But there was a real opportunity to use the setting and these set pieces to make him scary in a different way. But the teaser is one of many, many fun set pieces that are in this movie." 

Scream 6 arrives this March 10. While you wait, check out our guide to all the upcoming major movie release dates to plan 2023's theater trips. 

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