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Save up to $400 on these iPads, which are great for gaming, at Walmart right now

Save up to $400 on these iPads, which are great for gaming, at Walmart right now
(Image credit: Apple)

Following last night's Apple event, which saw more details on Apple Arcade and a raft of new phones and tablets, it looks like several retailers are offering cheap iPad deals today to make room for all the sweet new tech. Truth is, such is the quality of Apple's tech that even with new stuff announced, the existing and current models of tablet and phone and watch you can get are all still *chefs kiss*. There has never been a better time to jump into all things Apple and right now Walmart is selling some delicious deals on iPads that are sure to be tempters.

Starting at the top, the best deal is currently on the biggest and best: the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 1TB is going for $1350. This is a big number, we know, but it is a huge reduction of $400 and you get so much iPad for your money there both in terms of screen - more than a foot across diagonally! - and inside with its massive 1TB internal storage. If you can't quite stretch that far, then there's yet more good news as the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is down to $700. This has half the capacity at 512GB but still will be a brilliant performing tablet with a sizeable screen. And finally you can still save big on a 'regular' iPad with the 128GB slashed by 100 bucks down to $329.

There's actually a whole host of discounts on iPads at Walmart so if you fancy a poke around yourself there's plenty to see and interrogate - it's great that it just so happens that the best cheap gaming tablet deal today is the best cheap iPad deal going right now too.

Lastly, for reference, the iPad Pro is one of our favorite tablets for gaming, and sits atop our list of the best you can buy. We praised it as the "pinnacle of tablet design," and its versatility, sharp Retina display, and precise touch controls make it a fantastic contender for any game you choose to play.

The best cheap iPad deals today

Apple iPad Pro | 12.9-inch 1TB | $1,350 at Walmart (save $400)
This is an uncommonly good deal on an iPad Pro, with plenty of built-in storage for all your apps and media and the power to handle just about anything you could throw at it.View Deal

Apple iPad Pro | 10.5-inch 512GB | $700 at Walmart (save $300)
The smaller Pro is also the subject of a swinging discount, getting just shy of a whole third off its price. If you can't stretch to the 1TB Pro above but yearn for a top model, then this is the deal for you.View Deal

Apple iPad | 128GB | $329 at Walmart (save $100)
The 128GB variant of the 'regular' iPad will still offer great performance and operating system for Apple users, while the decent space will ensure you can cram more games on board.View Deal

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