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Save up to 20% on selected Razer controllers right now at Amazon

Save up to 20% on selected Razer controllers right now at Amazon
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Razer controllers are some of the best custom gamepads in the business. They can take your gaming to the next level (sorry) with their extras, features, and versatility. And the good news is that if you've been after one of these controllers, then today is your lucky day - there a few discounts at Amazon to take notice of.

The headline of the day is Razer Wolverine Ultimate pro controller for Xbox One. It's been heavily reduced, dropping from $160 to $129.99 (a saving of 19%). That's a steal for the best third-party controller on the system. It offers extra buttons and interchangeable thumbsticks / d-pads so you can make it as responsive as possible, giving you an advantage in the likes of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Razer hardware

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The supporting acts are more niche, but are still excellent offerings for those looking to try something new or those fighting game fans who have been after a new tailor-made pad. And there's an option for each console too (not to mention PC).

For example, the Razer Atrox is a premium-quality Sanwa peripheral that features 10 responsive buttons and an 8-way joystick. It's perfect for fighting game and modding enthusiasts alike as it has a customizable joystick and a fully mod-capable construction. There's also an internal storage compartment and a tournament gaming mode to take advantage of, and it's compatible with PC too. This has a 15% discount, taking it down to $169.99.

The PS4 gamepad is more of a traditional controller shape and so isn't quite as monolithic. It's got an 'Arcade stick-inspired' button layout on the front with six buttons that are "[optimally] spaced and positioned to accommodate both standard and 'claw' grip styles". This has 20% off and is now $79.99.

These are beefy price tags - particularly the Xbox handset - but these are wonderfully niche bits of kit and as authentic as modern gamepad and joysticks get.

Razer controller deals

Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller | $160 $129.99 on Amazon
This particular pro controller really helps up your game - it allows you to respond so much faster than you could with a normal handset, giving you an edge in shooters and beyond. It's one of the best controllers we've used on Xbox.View Deal

Razer Atrox Tournament stick for Xbox One | $200 $169.99 at Amazon
A bit weird but very wonderful and excellent for fans of fighting games in particular. As well as collectors, perhaps? This is fully mod-capable and has a built-in internal storage compartment for versatility.View Deal

Razer Raion Fightpad for PS4 | $100 $79.99 at Amazon
Another quality and niche controller for fighting fans, the Raion fight pad is excellent for those that love to smash buttons and put together smooth combos away from our more traditional gamepads.View Deal

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