Save up to 14% with these cheap PS Store credit deals right now

Save up to 14% with these cheap PS Store credit deals right now
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If you're after a cheap PS Store credit deal for this coming weekend, or as a prefect gift for Christmas, then these here discounts are for you. CDKeys have got a range of store credit vouchers discounted right now and the pick of the bunch are the £50 voucher going for just £43.99 and the £35 voucher going for just £29.99. These are solid deals offering discounts on something that would normally be a straight real-money-for-virtual-money swap.

Such vouchers make the perfect treat for yourself if you're undecided on what you want to play this Christmas or to prepare yourself for any upcoming sales on the PS Store that there might be. For others, these vouchers are a godsend, offering an excellent and incredibly useful method of gifting some bonafide gaming credit without having to commit to a particular game - and potentially getting it all wrong.

It's worth remembering that it's not just the latest and greatest games that these vouchers can be spent on: PS Store credit still covers everything supported at the store which means PS4, PS3 and Vita games are all there to be had.

These codes will come to you as digital downloads so you'll be able to pass them to whomever electronically and they can be redeemed on the online store and go towards any game, DLC, cosmetic pack or even a PS Plus deal too, to complete the digital code/subscription/service cycle.

Cheap PS Store Credit deals today


£50 PS Store credit | just £43.99 at CDKeys
50 quid credit for Not 50 Quid!? Absolutely, yes please. A great deal on PS Store credit and a fabulous gift well in time for Christmas.


£35 PS Store credit | just £29.99 at CDKeys
This is a real tempter coming in at under 30 quid that bags you a whole 5 extra virtual pounds for free.

Stocking up on store credit is a great way to prepare your PlayStation setup for the Christmas break. Other ways you can augment your experience this winter would be by upgrading some other bits of your PlayStation gear and paraphernalia like with one of the best PS4 headsets, best PS4 external hard drives, or take the big plunge and go for the 4K-gaming upgrade with one of the best PS4 Pro deals going.

Remember to check out the electronic companion to the PS Store with the best PS Plus deals you can get too.

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