Samsung Odyssey displays headline Amazon's gaming monitor deals this weekend

Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor
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If you've been keeping an eye out for great gaming monitor deals, you'll know that Samsung is a name to watch for. Over at Amazon, you can buy a Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor from just $179.99. The cheapest model is the 24-inch Samsung Odyssey G3 24-inch panel for $179.99 instead of $229.99. With a 144Hz refresh rate, it should help keep action looking silky smooth even if you're deep into a fast-moving game. It's been cheaper in the past, having dropped to $149.99 back in February but that was very unusual. Usually the cheapest price is the one it's at today.

If you want to go bigger and better, there's the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor. It's larger while maintaining the same refresh rate and response time of 1ms. It's down to $299.99 instead of $379.99.  Again, it's dipped lower in the past but not by much. In April, it was reduced to $284.40 so today's price isn't far off the best. 

Then there's the Samsung Odyssey G7, one of the best gaming monitors around. This variety is a 27-inch screen but it offers a far superior refresh rate of 240Hz so it's going to look great. In all cases, the monitors offer a 1000R curved panel that matches the curvature of your eye, so it's a fine investment. The Samsung Odyssey G7 has been a fair bit cheaper at $499.99 back in July but at $599.99 (was $699.99), this is still a solid offer. 

You'll find all these discounts just below, and plenty more gaming monitor deals further down the page. 

Today's best Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor deals


Samsung Odyssey G3 24-inch gaming monitor | $229.99 $179.99 at Amazon
Save $50 - The Samsung Odyssey G3 is a smaller 24-inch gaming monitor but it offers a great refresh rate of 144Hz and 1ms response time so it's an ideal gaming monitor deal for anyone looking for value over size.


Samsung Odyssey G5 32-inch gaming monitor | $379.99 $299.99 at Amazon
Save $80 - The Samsung Odyssey G5 offers a 32-inch panel with the same great refresh rate as the G3. It also has a 1000R curved panel that means you can immerse yourself in your gaming without a problem, plus it has a QHD resolution.  

Samsung Odyssey G7 27-inch gaming monitor | $699.99 $599.99 at Amazon
Save $100 -

Samsung Odyssey G7 27-inch gaming monitor | $699.99 $599.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - It may not be the biggest but the Samsung Odyssey G7 offers an exceptional refresh rate of 240Hz so it looks great. Other features like 1ms response time and a great curved display makes it the ultimate setup in this price range.

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