Star Wars: Rogue One spin-off series nabs Doctor Who, Black Mirror director Toby Haynes

(Image credit: Disney)

The Star Wars: Rogue One spin-off series at Disney Plus has found a new director after Tony Gilroy stepped down from the post due to pandemic-related travel complications.

As Deadline reports, prominent TV director Toby Haynes is stepping in to direct the first three episodes of the series. Haynes has directed episodes of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Being Human, Black Mirror, and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Though Gilroy won't be directing the first few episodes, he's still said to be heavily involved with production and staying on as executive producer and showrunner.

The series is a prequel to the 2016 film, taking place in the early days of the Rebellion against the Empire. The story centers around Rogue One leader Cassian Andor, played again by Diego Luna, and has been described as a "spy thriller." The cast also includes Adria Arjona, Denise Gough, Genevieve O'Reilly, Stellan Skarsgard, and Kyle Soller. Alan Tudyk is also said to be coming back to play K-2SO, Andor's droid sidekick.

Disney had once planned a 2021 release for the Rogue One series, but it's unclear if that stands in the midst of the pandemic. Of course, there's also the Obi-Wan Disney Plus series to look forward to, not to mention The Mandalorian season 2, which is hitting Disney's streaming service October 30. That should keep us busy through November and December. If you haven't seen it, do check out the Mandalorian season 2 trailer to see what all the fuss is about.

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