Rockstar reveal macabre mechanics of Manhunt 2

Not a level playing field
The signature game play mechanics from the original Manhunt return with a vengeance.

Once again, desperation and fear are woven into the very fabric of the game.You will be pursued by hordes of blood-thirsty hunters who are armed to the teeth and well-coordinated in their efforts to root you out and kill you in the most brutal manner possible.Head on confrontation will invariably end with your death.And your sense of isolation and helplessness will only be heightened by the dark and manic urgings of Leo Kasper, your fellow asylum escapee.

Your only hope for survival is to utilize stealth: move from shadow to shadow to divide and conquer, luring your enemies into isolation where you can murder them, one by one.You will make use of found objects, and use the hunters’ weapons against them in your bid for survival.Successfully completing each level will take all the strategy, patience, and brutal cunning you can muster.It’s a grueling gauntlet you must run; you are one man, alone against all odds.And this time, they’ve got more men, more guns, more helicopters, and more ways to trick you into revealing yourself and run you to the ground.You have every right to be afraid.

Matt Cundy
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