Rockstar reveal macabre mechanics of Manhunt 2

The radar
The radar on the bottom left of the screen is still crucial to your survival, showing the location, direction and level of alert of your enemies.The radar will only reveal enemies who are within your line of sight, or who you can hear.Hunters who are standing still will not be visible to you: just because you can’t see anyone on the radar doesn’t mean there’s no one there.So you never really know what’s around the next corner, at the top of the stairs, or behind a closed door.This means that must always be careful, peek around corners, and make sure you’re safely hidden at all times.

The (relative) safety of the shadows
Manhunt 2 promises that you will never feel safe, even when you are hidden in shadows.To ratchet up the tension, we implemented a new QTM mechanic: which means that if a hunter is looking for you, and you are hidden in the shadows, there is a chance that they might see you.Depending on the interaction, a mini-challenge may occur which forces the player to input a specific sequence of buttons in order to avoid detection.If you fail, the hunter will drag you into the light and engage you in combat.Which means there is nowhere you can hide and truly feel safe, making the already tense game play even more nerve-wracking.

Matt Cundy
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