Rockstar reveal macabre mechanics of Manhunt 2

Because you are safest in the shadows, many of the hunters you will encounter are equipped with flashlights, spotlights and helicopter support.They'll routinely shine their lights into the shadows looking for you, so you're just going to have to hope they don't decide to check out the one you're hiding in.And you’ll always have to be ready to run.

The dangerous psychological experimentation that Danny Lamb underwent has taken a severe toll on his mind.Throughout the course of the game, he’ll be plagued by flashbacks from his past.Sometimes they’ll be triggered by visual cues, and sometimes they’ll kick in for no apparent reason. Your mind and your body are the only weapons you have – and even they can’t be trusted.

Scripted events
All great horror experiences are filled with moments that make you jump out of your skin, and Manhunt2 is certainly no exception.To make absolutely sure that Manhunt 2 scares the life out of you again and again, Rockstar London have crafted some perfectly timed scripted events to send your heart rate through the roof.Just when you’re least expecting it, when you think you’re safe; that’s when a crazed psychopath is going to leap through a boarded-up window screaming and swinging a crowbar in your face.You have been warned!

Audio in Manhunt 2 is an enormous component in crafting the fear and anxiety in the gaming experience.In fact, it’s so integral that we’re going to deal with it separately – so stay tuned.

Matt Cundy
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